< + to infinitive > Inability lớn use a computer is a serious disadvantage when you are applying for jobs.

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Patients suffering from progressive autonomic failure with primary degeneration of autonomic neurons show a characteristic inability to lớn contract the distal urethral sphincter.
In his inability khổng lồ force this nameless woman to marry him, he faced a definite curtailment of his former power.
This was demonstrated by the inability of the country"s political leadership khổng lồ comprehend the rapid regrouping of political forces.
The first disadvantage of small kích cỡ lies in the inability to lớn realize the external economies of scale discussed in the previous section.
Thus, many of the failures of econometrics are easily grasped as manifestations of structural changes combined with the inability to lớn predict such changes.
The recurring inability to lớn efficiently collect pension contributions is a striking example of limited administrative capacity that undermines policy implementation.
In general terms, fatigue reflects an inability, (perceived or actual) khổng lồ maintain the expected level of work.
This mismatch is mainly related to lớn the inability of primary producers lớn harvest the photons incident on the sea or the land surface.
The manufacturing sector grew rapidly but its long-term development was constrained by an inability khổng lồ compete in international markets.
The overwhelming reason for a failed interview in 2000 was the inability khổng lồ locate and tương tác the respondent.
The conspicuous failure of orthodox game theory is its inability to account for cooperative behavior in noniterated social dilemmas.
Some authors (14) have suggested that inability to critically appraise the quality of clinical practice guidelines has been a barrier to lớn their use.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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