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an object made of folded paper or other material that you wave with your hand in order to lớn move the air around :
to spread or mở cửa something out so it is in the shape of an open tín đồ (= an object made of folded paper that you wave in front of your face to lớn cool yourself down):
a device khổng lồ provide a flow of air, either an object that you wave in front of you or a device with blades that are turned by a motor:
a person who is very much interested in và spends a lot of time watching or reading about esp. An entertainer or sports team:
In addition, one of the engines drove a high-pressure fan that forced foul air from the refuse on the tipping platform across the fire.
The enthusiastic accumulation by fans of an unending suite of related images both echoes and subverts the mass mechanical reproduction of the modern celebrity image.
It is offering dramatic changes in the relationship between record companies & consumers và musicians and their fans.
An electric fan, và fine water spray dispenser are useful in the management of any discomfort or pain.
It is therefore unsurprising that the music press largely ignores teenybopper fans and the artists they admire, as the most obvious inhabitants of this mainstream.
It has also moved from the study of major selling artists khổng lồ look at the lives of "ordinary" musicians và fans.
Non-pharmacological strategies, especially the hand-held fan và exercises, were rated very helpful and new khổng lồ patients.
These networks are paths to employment, peer assessment và fan pleasure all at the same time in ways that seem impossible lớn untangle.
The effect of the swirling flow downstream can be to lớn cut off a mode which is cut on upstream of the fan.
If the mounting fixture became loose, the mixer system would vibrate drastically since its fan was submerged in the water.
Waving a filthy fan, he swaggers his way into the middle of the arena, và delivers some impromptu verses.
The second is the use of unauthorised recordings khổng lồ create an ongoing, meaningful relationship between artist and fan.
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the idea that people who care only about themselves will be most likely to lớn succeed in a society or organization

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